Fonni: experiences and activities

Fonni is among the most charming destinations in Sardinia, full of fountains, hence the name, according to the tradition (from Latin, Fons = fountains or God of the fonts).


Located at an elevation of one thousand meters, the mountain hamlet is set in the extraordinary landscape of the Gennargentu Park, an important natural area in Italy, rich in interesting flora and fauna.


The area boasts the presence of Mt. Bruncu Spina, among the highest on the island (1829 m), the only one equipped with slopes, ski lifts and snow cannons for winter sports on Mt. Spada (1595 m), with its ski runs on grass, and on Punta La Marmora, the highest peak at 1834 meters, from which you can gaze a 360° view over all the entire Sardinian coastline. The snow coat covers the mountains in the winter, while in the spring and summer it gives way to the Mediterranean maquis, which features many local species, such as: genista corsica, ptillostemon casbonae, thyme, Helichrysum, Corsican pansy.


In the woods you can discover the “sos Barraccos”, ancient shepherds’ homes. During your walks you can spot amazing waterfalls hidden among the small and thick woods of alder, poplar, holly and thousand-year old yew trees. The century-old woods and forests are full of mouflons, symbol of the mountains of the Barbagia region, golden eagles, amphibians and reptiles.
This territory is very ancient and it has been settled since early ages, as shown by the numerous archeological ruins that have survived until today, among which the Gremanu archeological site, the Madau Nuragic necropolis and the Urrui archeological site.
An immense heritage with hundreds of kilometers of pathways accessible to visitors all year round, thanks to the local guides.


Visiting Sardinia is like reaching another planet, a world of its own, rich in amazing nature and contrasts between fields and settlements of a civilization that, living in a melting pot of old and new, was able to cherish and keep alive the memory of the past.
It is among the most popular holiday destinations in the world, famous for its beautiful coasts that frame the crystal clear, pristine waters.