Food and equestrian festivals in Fonni


Sardinia boasts a long tradition of food and equestrian festivals, acrobatics and races during the carnival or to honor a Saint.

During the summer, in Fonni, many events are held to celebrate the elegance, might and pride of the horse, qualities that make it a loved and cherished animal worldwide.

In the lands of the Barbagia region, these animals played a fundamental role for the shepherds who used them as travel companions, help during work and a obedient instrument in the hands of the knights during town festivities and demonstrations of valor. These memories are still alive in the people of Fonni, who every year renew the promise of friendship with several captivating celebrations.

Here is a list of events we highly recommend!

San Giovanni Battista, June 24th:

the procession in honor of St Joseph the Baptist is followed by a knights parade and an acrobatics show by the most talented of them. It starts right in front our hotel.

Sas Parillias, July:

the riding track of San Cristoforo houses the regional appointment of “Sas Parillias”. Skilled knights amuse with their spectacular acrobatics on horses. The talent and bravery of these knights will leave you speechless. It is a truly unique experience to witness the acrobatic art of the knights, 1000 meters above sea level!

Palio of the Municipalities, August 3rd:

The Palio of the Municipalities has reached its 29th edition. The municipal riding track of San Cristoforo will house thousands of enthusiasts and dozens of horse-jockeys from several Italian towns. In front of the Church of the same name, dedicated to the Patron Saint of car drivers, a group of Fonni citizens organizes this event to keep the folk traditions alive and honor Saint Christopher.