Romantic weekend in Sardinia


Treat yourself to a wonderful weekend on the Gennargentu to breathe in fresh air, surrounded by a peaceful environment and local traditions of the highest mountain town in Sardinia. You can spend a relaxing and exciting weekend here.

Silver-colored peaks, pristine nature and a wide range of species of fauna…the Gennargentu, the silver door!

The Gennargentu is a mountainous massif in central Sardinia, dominated by schists and granites dating back to the Paleozoic Era. Here the main water streams on the Eastern part of the island originate, such as the Flumendosa and Cedrino rivers.

You can climb to the top, hiking along pathways marked by the herds of mouflons that inhabit this area.

The mountain peaks of the massif are: Bruncu Spina (1,829 m), then following the crest of the mountain you will find Punta Paulina (1,792 m), Arcu Gennargentu (1,659 m), Su Susciu, the collapsed mountain, to finally reach the highest peak in Sardinia, Punta Lamarmora (1,834 m).

The landscape is vast and varied: there are mountains, fields, rocks, canyons, forests and bushes. The vegetation on the Gennargentu significantly changes according to the elevation. In the highest areas you can also find oak and maple trees. The peaks boast evergreens, bushes and unique species of flora. The WWF has declared the Gennargentu one of the most important forest areas of the region.

There are many species of fauna too. The symbol of the Gennargentu is certainly the mouflon. There are also wild sheep, wild boars, wild cats, edible dormice and foxes. Finally, the mountains are also a stop for many species of birds during their migration.

Treat yourself to a wonderful weekend on the snow with a romantic off-road vehicle excursion or a walk along the paths on the Gennargentu to discover Sardinia’s amazing forests.

After a stroll down the streets of the historical center to admire the beautiful murals you can take an off-road vehicle up to the snowy Gennargentu!.. And afterwards… pamper yourselves with a nice massage or a hot Finnish sauna.