The Cualbu Hotel in Fonni organizes quad or off-road vehicle tours to discover the panoramas and natural and archeological gems around Fonni. Just to name a few: the Aratu Valley, the Gusana Lake and the Santu Micheli de Urrui archeological site.

We will depart from Fonni and, after a short stretch on a paved road, we will continue on the dirt road that will take us up to the amazing Aratu valley, where the thick woods hide priceless natural and archeological treasures.

Once we cross the Gusana Lake, we will take the ancient Roman road Ulbia Karalis, and continue towards Santu Micheli de Urrui, where we will admire the Perdas fittas, Allee’ couverte and Domus de Janas, surrounded by nature. They are respectively Menhir, Dolmen and burial constructions.

And if you are looking for a romantic setting, we can organize motorbike and quad excursions to the romantic Gusana Lake, a mini-tour of 1h and 30 minutes, or half-day excursions.

Visited localities: Aratu Valley, Ulbia Karalis Roman road, Urrui archeological area
Itinerary Length: km 20.00
Min/max elevation: 800/1050 m.
Difficulty: easy
Average length: half-day
Recommended to: scholars, enthusiasts and athletic people