This hiking itinerary is perfect to reach the highest peaks in Sardinia, walking along the paths marked by the mouflons, and surrounded by the pristine nature of the Gennargentu.

From Bruncu Spina to Punta Paulina you will reach Arcu Gennargentu from which, after refilling your water for a last time, we will start making our way to Su Susciu, the so called “collapsed mountain”. One last effort and we arrive at Punta Lamarmora (1834 m), Sardinia’s highest peak.

Visited localities: Bruncu Spina, Punta Paulina, Su Susciu, Punta Lamarmora.
Itinerary Lenght: 41,600 km, 8,300 of which to be done on foot.
Min/max elevation: 1000/1834 m.
Difficulty: medium
Recommended to: scholars, enthusiasts, and athletic people.