Excursions to the Gennargentu, from Fonni, in the heart of the Barbagia region

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Excursions in Sardinia departing from Fonni

The excursions to the Gennargentu available at the Cualbu Hotel, in Fonni, give you the opportunity to explore the mountain range and its peaks.

With its main peaks, the Gennargentu (the silver door) offers a breathtaking panorama that you can discover thanks to hiking and trekking excursions suitable to all experience levels.

Along clearly marked pathways you will explore the peaks of Sardinia’s highest mountain range, among which Bruncu Spina, Punta Paulina, Punta La Marmora, Su Sciusciu, Punta Florisa, Monte e S’Iscudu and Mount Spada.

The Gennargentu is a vast, mountainous territory, practically uninhabited, and this adds to the peculiarity of the Sardinian landscape;

During your walks along the itineraries designed by CAI (Italian Alpine Club), you will have the chance to spot many species of flora and fauna, among which local flowers that grow only in Sardinia, herds of mouflons and the golden eagle.